Ladner Biking

Visit Ladner for a day of exploration on your bike.

Ladner is an ideal day trip for exploration by bike. If you're cycling, consider taking the day to ride around downtown to see all the little shops and local stops along the way. Or, for a full day of biking, start at the top of River Road and follow it through Ladner, along the water, and down to Westham Island and back. There's a lot to explore in Ladner!


While on your trip in Ladner, stop in at Sharkey's Seafood Bar and Grill for a tasty lunch by the Fraser River on their outdoor patio. Try out their famous fish and chips, or any of their mouth-watering seafood dishes.


There is always lots to see and explore in Ladner, especially throughout the summer! Visit the Ladner Village Market on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month throughout the summer, or ride through downtown to visit the local shops along the way. For a longer ride, start from the beginning of River Road and ride through till Westham Island.


If you're looking for the most "instagrammable" moments, ride accross the bridge to explore Westham Island. You're sure to find farm fresh produce to take home, and picture-perfect scenery for your Instagram feed!


On Westham Island, stop in at Emma Lea Farms for some ice cream to cool off at their Ice Cream Shoppe for fresh local ice cream and berries from the farm.